St Louis Damage RecoveryWhen you have had the misfortune of a fire or flood then rely on MOSTL Restoration to help with your service needs. We can help you salvage as much of your belongings as possible. You have to address both the results of the fire and the water that is used to put out the fire. The firefighters are not going to be too concerned about your belongings, their objective is simply to put out the fire. Therefore, you may be left with damages that you don’t know how to handle. This is why it’s important to know someone who knows exactly what to do in cases like this

Putting Your Safety First

Fire and water can cause a lot of structural damages to your home. When you contact us to help with your damage recovery needs, we will first check for structural damages to your ceilings, floors, stairs, or roof so that it is safe for you to go back into your home again. Water damages may not be as noticeable as fire damages, which is why it is a good idea to rely on qualified professionals to address your service needs for you. You will also have to be concerned about electrical wiring that has been damaged and possibly contaminated water. We’ll evaluate all of this for you so that we can let you know when your home is safe again.

Fire Damage Recovery

Whenever you have a home fire, there will be a huge cleanup process afterward. The areas of your home that were affected by the fire will likely have to be remodeled, which is something that we can also handle for you. We’ll begin the process by cleaning everything and using a HEPA vacuum to effectively clean soot, fire extinguisher residue and debris. We remove all the large debris and ventilate the home with large industrial fans.

Hire Our Qualified Professionals

Since we only hire those restoration experts with previous experience, it is easy for us to offer you the help that you want and need when you need damage recovery services. If you were to immediately return to your home then you could be in for a big surprise. Not only will the amount of damage overwhelm you but you could fall through the floor or the ceiling could come down on top of you if it is not structurally sound. Our qualified experts get your home move-in ready again.

Hiring MOSTL Restoration

There are other damage recovery services that you can rely on in St. Louis, MO but you may have chosen to call on us instead. If you have contacted us then you have heard about how efficient our services are. We take our time to thoroughly assess the situation and we hope that you will allow us the chance to further assist with your service needs. When you want to get the most for your money then make the right choice by relying on us to help with your damages.